Some Scholarships You can Apply in Netherlands

Scholarship in Netherlands

Europe is still one of the favorite destinations for Indonesian students who want to study abroad. Even there are so many countries in Europe have the best universities, but Netherlands is one of the countries which is so popular among Indonesian students. This is because the Netherlands has a familiar culture  – there are some best universities and delicious dishes that you can taste here. here some tips of scholarship in Netherlands for Indonesian.

Here some scholarships that you can apply, especially in Netherland:

Studeren in Nederland (STUNED)

This is the first scholarship that you can try when you interesting to study in the Netherlands. This scholarship comes from the Dutch Government as a part of bilateral cooperation between the Dutch Government. The ai is helping students especially the development of Indonesia through improving the quality of Indonesia’s Human Resources. STUNED scholarships cover your tuition around EUR 20,000 per year, living expensive, international and local travel costs and other fees that you need during your study here.

Orange Knowledge Program

Orange Knowledge Program was once known as Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP). This scholarship found by the Foreign Affairs of Netherlands in order to increase knowledge, capacity, and quality of individuals or higher education. In order to get this scholarship, then you have to compete with applicants from 51 countries around the world. For applicants from Indonesia, then the majority of departments are Agriculture, Rule of Law, Water Agriculture and so on,

Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS)

This scholarship is the program from the Dutch College Institutions, Dutch companies and Indonesian Government for Indonesian citizens. Unlike other scholarships, then it provides you with the foundation program as the guidance program for those who do not get qualified English skill yet. The levels of study available in this scholarship are Bachelor and Master. This scholarship also includes the category of partial scholarship. There are programs that you can try to get scholarship in Netherlands for Indonesian.

3 Ultimate Products of Watch Winder Safe

best watch winder

Watch winder safe is considered very important to have particularly if you are a watch collector. It is indeed quite confusing to choose the best watch winder product if you are still a beginner. Interestingly, there are some brands that launch good products for this necessity. Some incredible features are available to support the luxury watch storage safely. What are they?

HomeTecho Watch Winder Safe Box

The box is indeed not too big in which you can only store around 6-9 watches. The design is simple with some partitions to keep some types of stuff at once. Yes, the box is indeed not especially to keep the box but you can also store other types of jewelry there. It features 12 rotators with some key lock systems including the dual digital and card key lock safes. To see the watches from outside, there is a glass in the front part installed.

High-End Watch Winder for 4 Rolex

The shape of the box is unique in which it has something like an angle on the bottom. However, it can only load 4 watches and the product is only for Rolex. But sure, it features high technology that may make you really satisfied with it. The technology applied is the Extremely Quiet Motor & Excellent Customer Service. It makes the box quieter even when it works. The cap is ornamented with a stunning design. Sure, it is not only functional but also elegant at one.

Watch Winder with Wooden Finish and Adjustable Watch Pillow

The safe from Jins & Vico is indeed excellent in both performance and design. The varnished wooden box around makes the box looks elegant and luxurious. The watches are also kept well and protected from the blown or shake from the outside. It is due to the pillow feature with some areas that are indeed designed to place the watch properly. There are 8 watches to load inside this watch winder safe.

Cost to study in the Netherlands

Biaya kuliah di Netherlands

Netherland is a favorite destination for international students to study abroad. However, a study in the Netherlands for Indonesian is not free at all. There is some cost involved if you consider studying in the Netherlands. The cost that should consider includes the tuition fees and cost of living. There are wide options of loan finance sources that you can take or you eligible for a grant.

Tuition fees study in the Netherlands

The standard tuition fees to study in the Netherlands for 2018/2019 is average €2.100 for most of the courses. Compared with other English speaking countries such as the UK and US, the cost of study in the Netherland is considered low. Netherland higher education is subsidized by the government. The tuition cost that you can expect for bachelor degree start around €6000-€15.000 and €8000-€20.000 for master degree. 

The living cost when a study in the Netherlands

The other factor that also should consider when chooses study in the Netherlands for Indonesian is the living cost. The costs are unlikely higher than studying in the UK. There are some cities that seem expensive than other cities with Amsterdam as the most expensive destination. Here is the estimation of cost living that you will spend when you study in Netherland.

  • Rent: €350-850
  • Food, groceries and other: €180
  • Tuition: €200
  • Study material: €50
  • Insurance: €80
  • Clothes, entertainment: €100.

Totally, you will need to spend at least €960 per month when you study in Netherland. The main differences from living cost between UK and Netherland is the cost of accommodation. The cost usually cheaper in Dutch Universities although often cannot compare to a term of standards.  There is some student accommodation in a shared apartment or private flat shares. The other expenses that also need to consider when you study at Netherland are buying a bicycle. Buying a bicycle is a smart way to save the accommodation of transportation as in Netherland bicycling is the culture for transportation.

Save your money when you study in the Netherland

  • Apply for scholarships. Even before you head to Netherland you can already save money by apply scholarship. There are worthy to apply the scholarship to help you finance your study. You can apply Erasmus scholarship or Holland scholarship for example.
  • Make use the student status. As students, there are many discounts offered with an ISIC card (international student’s identity card). The purchase from this card spend €12 but it comes worthy with the discount you can afford.

With these smart ways, as Indonesian you can cover the cost of study and living cost and study well in Netherland.

Erasmus Mundus LEADERS scholarship in Europe for Indonesian

Europe Scholarship

Erasmus Mundus LEADERS is abbreviation for Leading Mobility between Europe and Asia in Developing Engineering Education and Research scholarship. This is one of many Europe scholarship for Indonesian students and other developing country that offers the mobility opportunities for students that have quality and emerging, early stage and established as researcher/professional in undergraduate level, master, doctoral and post-doctoral as well as with the academic and administrative staff member form South East Asia to the country in European Union. The subject areas of interest available are technology engineering, electronic engineering, information and communication technologies, biomedical engineering, computer engineering, informatics, communication engineering, and microwaves.

The Erasmus Mundus LEADERS scholarship offer students, researcher, and staffs from a European country and South East Asian opportunity to make research, study, and training or teaching with the part of Erasmus Mundus partnership universities. To apply for this program, the applicants should identify themselves which Target Group that they belong. The Target Group considered as 3 categories that distinguish the applicants based in the national conditions and academic status. The duration for the scholarship program is around 6 months/12 months to students in undergraduate/master level, 6 months to 36 months for the doctorate program level and 6 months for post-doctorate level.

The EM LEADERS scholarship covers the monthly substances that allowance with the different stipend:

  •    1000 euros for undergraduate level/master
  •    1500 euros for Ph.D. level
  •    18000 euros for a postdoc
  •    And 2.500 euros for staffs.

The scholarship also covers the insurance coverage for the mobility period, travel cost (include return flight with economic class), and as well as the tuition fees. To apply, the student needs to check the eligibility criteria and the scholarship available with the duration. Choose the university that host the program includes the academic program available. The registration through the university official site, fulfill out the online application and fill the requirements such as scanned of degree certificates, English language proof knowledge, proposal, motivation letter, and etc.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Automatic Watch Winder

A Classic Luxury Watch

If you have two or more automatic watches, there is a big chance that you need to buy an automatic 2 watch winder for each of your watches. If you plan to buy one, there are three important factors that you have to mind.

Power Source

Every 2 watch winder needs to be powered in order to remain operational. The winder can be either AC or DC-powered. Which one is the right for you? It depends on your watch winding habit. A DC-powered watch winder doesn’t require a cord to get it powered. A winder as such is a great choice if you need a mobile winder or if you want to store the winder in a safe. An AC-powered automatic watch winder, on the other hand, is a better choice if you don’t want to be bothered by the battery and if you want to have a winder with multiple heads.

Rotation Direction and Turn Per Day

A watch winder may rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, or bidirectionally. There is also a specific number of rotations that a specific watch winder performs. The decision regarding the right 2 watch winder in terms of rotation direction and turn per day depends mostly on the watch that you have. If you have a high-quality automatic watch, such as Rolex Datejust, you need to have a watch winder that rotates bidirectionally and performs 650 to 800 turns per day. Check with your watch manufacturer to find out the best watch winder for your watch.


The last thing to mind when buying a watch winder is its design. A watch winder may have a functional design that puts emphasis on its functionality alone while undermining its aesthetic aspect, but may also have elegant or even extravagant design that makes it an excellent haven for your premium watch. The decision about your automatic 2 watch winder design depends entirely on your preference.