Erasmus Mundus LEADERS scholarship in Europe for Indonesian

Erasmus Mundus LEADERS is abbreviation for Leading Mobility between Europe and Asia in Developing Engineering Education and Research scholarship. This is one of many Europe scholarship for Indonesian students and other developing country that offers the mobility opportunities for students that have quality and emerging, early stage and established as researcher/professional in undergraduate level, master, doctoral and post-doctoral as well as with the academic and administrative staff member form South East Asia to the country in European Union. The subject areas of interest available are technology engineering, electronic engineering, information and communication technologies, biomedical engineering, computer engineering, informatics, communication engineering, and microwaves.

The Erasmus Mundus LEADERS scholarship offer students, researcher, and staffs from a European country and South East Asian opportunity to make research, study, and training or teaching with the part of Erasmus Mundus partnership universities. To apply for this program, the applicants should identify themselves which Target Group that they belong. The Target Group considered as 3 categories that distinguish the applicants based in the national conditions and academic status. The duration for the scholarship program is around 6 months/12 months to students in undergraduate/master level, 6 months to 36 months for the doctorate program level and 6 months for post-doctorate level.

The EM LEADERS scholarship covers the monthly substances that allowance with the different stipend:

  •    1000 euros for undergraduate level/master
  •    1500 euros for Ph.D. level
  •    18000 euros for a postdoc
  •    And 2.500 euros for staffs.

The scholarship also covers the insurance coverage for the mobility period, travel cost (include return flight with economic class), and as well as the tuition fees. To apply, the student needs to check the eligibility criteria and the scholarship available with the duration. Choose the university that host the program includes the academic program available. The registration through the university official site, fulfill out the online application and fill the requirements such as scanned of degree certificates, English language proof knowledge, proposal, motivation letter, and etc.

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