Cost to study in the Netherlands

Netherland is a favorite destination for international students to study abroad. However, a study in the Netherlands for Indonesian is not free at all. There is some cost involved if you consider studying in the Netherlands. The cost that should consider includes the tuition fees and cost of living. There are wide options of loan finance sources that you can take or you eligible for a grant.

Tuition fees study in the Netherlands

The standard tuition fees to study in the Netherlands for 2018/2019 is average €2.100 for most of the courses. Compared with other English speaking countries such as the UK and US, the cost of study in the Netherland is considered low. Netherland higher education is subsidized by the government. The tuition cost that you can expect for bachelor degree start around €6000-€15.000 and €8000-€20.000 for master degree. 

The living cost when a study in the Netherlands

The other factor that also should consider when chooses study in the Netherlands for Indonesian is the living cost. The costs are unlikely higher than studying in the UK. There are some cities that seem expensive than other cities with Amsterdam as the most expensive destination. Here is the estimation of cost living that you will spend when you study in Netherland.

  • Rent: €350-850
  • Food, groceries and other: €180
  • Tuition: €200
  • Study material: €50
  • Insurance: €80
  • Clothes, entertainment: €100.

Totally, you will need to spend at least €960 per month when you study in Netherland. The main differences from living cost between UK and Netherland is the cost of accommodation. The cost usually cheaper in Dutch Universities although often cannot compare to a term of standards.  There is some student accommodation in a shared apartment or private flat shares. The other expenses that also need to consider when you study at Netherland are buying a bicycle. Buying a bicycle is a smart way to save the accommodation of transportation as in Netherland bicycling is the culture for transportation.

Save your money when you study in the Netherland

  • Apply for scholarships. Even before you head to Netherland you can already save money by apply scholarship. There are worthy to apply the scholarship to help you finance your study. You can apply Erasmus scholarship or Holland scholarship for example.
  • Make use the student status. As students, there are many discounts offered with an ISIC card (international student’s identity card). The purchase from this card spend €12 but it comes worthy with the discount you can afford.

With these smart ways, as Indonesian you can cover the cost of study and living cost and study well in Netherland.

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