Some Scholarships You can Apply in Netherlands

Europe is still one of the favorite destinations for Indonesian students who want to study abroad. Even there are so many countries in Europe have the best universities, but Netherlands is one of the countries which is so popular among Indonesian students. This is because the Netherlands has a familiar culture  – there are some best universities and delicious dishes that you can taste here. here some tips of scholarship in Netherlands for Indonesian.

Here some scholarships that you can apply, especially in Netherland:

Studeren in Nederland (STUNED)

This is the first scholarship that you can try when you interesting to study in the Netherlands. This scholarship comes from the Dutch Government as a part of bilateral cooperation between the Dutch Government. The ai is helping students especially the development of Indonesia through improving the quality of Indonesia’s Human Resources. STUNED scholarships cover your tuition around EUR 20,000 per year, living expensive, international and local travel costs and other fees that you need during your study here.

Orange Knowledge Program

Orange Knowledge Program was once known as Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP). This scholarship found by the Foreign Affairs of Netherlands in order to increase knowledge, capacity, and quality of individuals or higher education. In order to get this scholarship, then you have to compete with applicants from 51 countries around the world. For applicants from Indonesia, then the majority of departments are Agriculture, Rule of Law, Water Agriculture and so on,

Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS)

This scholarship is the program from the Dutch College Institutions, Dutch companies and Indonesian Government for Indonesian citizens. Unlike other scholarships, then it provides you with the foundation program as the guidance program for those who do not get qualified English skill yet. The levels of study available in this scholarship are Bachelor and Master. This scholarship also includes the category of partial scholarship. There are programs that you can try to get scholarship in Netherlands for Indonesian.

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